It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

27 Dec

I’m learning something about my dear new Southern friends… it’s all about who you know – not what you know. Extra certifications, 3.9 GPA, and hours of professional development be damned.. I’ve only lived there for a little over three years. My connections are thin, therefore, my job opportunities non-existent.

I’ve been pulling what strings I can these past few weeks. Obviously things got a little slow since schools been out for Christmas break. Before that though – I was texting old parents from the preschool where I worked to see if they had any school board connections, emailing teachers and principals that I connected with during student teaching to see what they could do for me – basically doing everything I could. Yet, still no email or phone call. I feel like I’m on the outside of some elite club that I need into very badly. There’s nothing wrong with me people – just let me in!!

I’m hoping when I get back from MI and when school gets back in, principals will start posting more jobs and start hiring. The rumor is that teachers are going to be retiring in my county in January. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping what little connections I do have will pull though for me. Otherwise I guess I’ll be back to subbing. Not exactly my favorite job, but some money coming in is better than nothing.

Wish me luck y’all!


No News is Not Good News

20 Dec

I have not posted to this blog since Dec. 6th. What a slacker. I have been a busy little bee since then, but not in the way I would hope. Let me just start off by saying:

No, I did not find a job.

However, I did finally -officially- graduate! I actually participated in the whole walking across the stage tradition. It was exactly as boring as I thought it would be, but Mom, Dad, Grandma, & Grandpa all drove to TN to see it, so I walked with my big smile on.

Here I am with Grandma & Grandpa (i.e. favorite people ever). Please notice the special white tassel πŸ™‚

I graduated Summa cum Laude, so I got that special tassel (contain your excitement, please), and sat separately from everyone else in my major. It doesn’t sound great… but it was nice to be recognized for busting my butt these last couple years.

Since finishing up student teaching I have been subbing. Once in kindergarten – I really don’t think that is the place for me. Twice in fourth grade, twice in fifth grade, and once in second. Fourth and fifth were my favorites. I subbed at one of the schools I student taught at, so no new connections there. I sat down with a principal at a school that I loved while subbing to discuss my resume. He was super nice and said he would keep it on file, but I doubt anyone would leave there anytime soon – it’s dreamy. Then… here’s an interesting tidbit for you…

Remember that school that I made a big impression with at the job fair? The one that personally invited me to come sub? Well they did call me to sub and I went. Things went rather well – people kept coming in to check in on me and I gathered that it was a class with behavior problems. The principal even came in and sat for about 20 minutes while doing things on her iPad. I talked to her for a bit, and then just went on as if she wasn’t there (like it was an observation maybe?). I wondered if she was trying to get a feel for how I am with the students? I don’t know of an opening there, and it’s pretty far from my house – but a job is a job!!

I think I have applied to 4 or 5 positions since we met last. I haven’t received one email or phone call. I’m beginning to worry there is something wrong with my application or the lines of communication. I almost wish there was an automated response to tell me that they received my application so I knew there was something going back and forth at least. Now they’re getting ready to go on Christmas break and there’s nothing I can do except wait.

Speaking of waiting… I am home with my family in MI now. I should have plenty of time to update both blogs, so be sure and click that follow button if you haven’t yet πŸ˜‰


Hope everyone is having a relaxing few days before Christmas – no stressful last minute shopping! See y’all soon!

Why I’m Great in 2 Minutes or Less

6 Dec

Have any of you even been to a job fair before? Yesterday was my first experience and I had no idea what to expect. Now that I’ve done it I imagine it would compare somewhat to speed dating.

I was there from 4 until 6:30 and I was so exhausted when we were through. Standing in line forever to spend anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes with someone to explain why you are a good candidate for hire is really mentally exhausting. Then, when you’re finished, you join another line and do it again. The worst part was that not a single school that was there had a current job opening. They were just there to add “potentials” to the pile. I stayed up all last night going over all of the mini-interviews. I think I did really well on all of them. I don’t believe I mis-represented myself Β in any way. I think I did a good job answering the questions that were given. Overall pretty good job. Was I more impressive than the other 40 elementary school teachers there? Who knows… One principal said that I was impressive and she hoped to see me again, maybe soon. That seemed like a good sign right? My best interview was at a school that is similar to the one I student taught at. They were so pleased with me that she offered a personal invitation to come sub at her school. I imagine that is as close to a real job interview that I could have gotten out of that job fair right? In talking to all of my other friends that were there, no one else said that they had received an invitation like that. That built my confidence pretty well.

Today there was a 4th grade job posted that I would really like to get. It’s not in the best school, but being a first year teacher I’m completely over the fact that I’m going to be working in a “difficult” setting the first few years. I’ll face any challenge, just give me a job. So I rallied my cooperating teacher at my first placement to email the principal there and recommend me. Hopefully that will give them enough push to actually look at my application. This is honestly so exhausting. Wanting a job so bad but not being able to have one. I never envisioned it would be this difficult. I really believe it is because our school is flooding the area with graduates and there are not nearly enough positions out there. Oh well, keep your fingers crossed guys, this 4th grade job would be great for me.


4 Dec

Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that I started another blog. It seems that this whole blogging world might be my new thing lol. I wanted to keep this one strictly as a teacher/job hunting blog, but I wanted to have the freedom to blog about personal things as well. Therefore…

She’s a Killer Queen – 10 Day -You- Challenge

Tadaaaa — That is the link to my first post on my other blog. Hope you like it πŸ™‚

Free at Last

4 Dec

It is official. My last day of student teaching is complete! I can’t even explain how I feel about this. I am elated. I don’t really feel like I am done. I have to go to a seminar on Monday to turn in all of our paperwork and sit through some boring speeches, but I don’t know if that will give me the feeling of completion that I am missing. I don’t know if it will come when I walk across that stage on graduation day either. It probably won’t come until I get that job I’ve been working for the past five years. Regardless of how “completed” I feel – student teaching is Β o.v.e.r. (can I get an “amen”?)! I can’t believe it went so quickly!! It didn’t really feel quick as it was happening, but now as I look back, I really feel like my first day at Brown was just a few days ago.

My last day was such a success. Not only did the kids celebrate my last day, but they knew it was the day before my birthday, so we celebrated that as well. The second grade teachers made the other second grade student teacher and I a huge feast of a lunch. We had a party in our room with tons of junk food πŸ™‚ & the kids brought me some gifts (markers, colored pencils, pens, expo markers, etc.). They all made me a card which I read at home & cried like a baby. Some of them were hilarious! Β For example, I would really love to understand what has happened to our shirts in the illustration of this card here:

LOL! This is one of the reasons why I love being a teacher. They’ll always make you laugh πŸ™‚

Anyways, I almost made it through the entire day with them without crying. That is, until, they all hugged me goodbye. Then I completely lost it. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back and visit/sub soon. I’ll miss those kiddos.

You know what this means now? Never again will I teach in a classroom for $0. I now become a paid teacher. It’s about time. Anxious to get out there and show them what I know. Shopping today for a killer interview outfit for the job fair Monday. Can’t wait to knock ’em dead πŸ˜‰


29 Nov

I have some actual news for you today besides my usual whining about how badly I want to be done with student teaching and find a job, so get excited! I had my follow-up interview with central office today about substitute teaching. Everything went well and she said that it’s possible that I could be subbing as early as next week. I am excited beyond words! My first cooperating teacher let me know that she will be out a day coming up soon and I would so love to surprise them and be their teacher for the day. I miss my kindergarteners!! I’ll be looking for my email with my employee ID number every day now. I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of missing students…My second graders were drawing pictures for me today at indoor recess and it finally hit me that I wasn’t going to see them anymore after Friday. I’ve been trying so hard to not get attached to them because it just hurts to leave – but UGH. It’s going to be hard not to be a big weepy baby. Oh well… what else is new?!

And in late breaking news – a kindergarten job posted last night after I put up that last post. Just wanted you know I applied for it too πŸ™‚ My name is out in so many places right now lol. Oh well, the more the merrier. My friend and I are planning on going to the County job fair on Monday too. I’ll bring a ton of resumes and have my “sell-myself” speech down to a minute if I have to. Whatever needs to be done.

In the mean time I will be putting the finishing touches on my e-portfolio and downloading/pinning generic non-grade specific teacher resources to my laptop. You can never be too prepared πŸ˜‰

It’s the Final Countdown

28 Nov

(You know you’re singing that corny song in your head now lol). Ok, so let the final countdown begin. Friday is my last day of student teaching! I really can’t believe it’s finally here! Monday we just have to sit though a seminar (probably useless) and turn in our final paperwork – then freeedommmm!! Made it through today nicely since they let us out an hour early due to this ridiculous rain storm. I might have to take the canoe to school tomorrow. We’re on a 2 hour delay for the morning (fingers crossed that turns into a full day off) so that’s one more easy day between me an graduation. I can’t believe it’s finally coming. I’ve heard from a few family members that they’ve got my announcements πŸ™‚ I really wanted to highlight the line that said “Summa cum lade” in neon yellow, but I figured it would be kind of tacky lol.
   Gah! So, I did something I thought I’d never do today. My friend and I were observing in a 5th grade classroom and the teacher was talking about how she would like to go back to middle school. I explained how I was certified for that but never thought about teaching there because elementary is my passion and middle school was a horrific experience for me the first go around, I just couldn’t imagine going back. She explained that as long as you had the discipline down, it was easy. My friend mentioned that she would take any job until the end of the year just to get experience on paper – so I did it. I applied for a middle school writing teacher (7th grade). I’m sure I won’t get an interview still because my certificate is still “pending”, but still, it opened up another door for me. Tomorrow I meet with the woman in central office for my final sub interview. Hopefully I will be able to get my employee number to start sub teaching as soon as student teaching is done. I’m tired of being broke, it’s ridiculous. Not that it really ever changes as a teacher, but being unemployed since August is starting to hurt. Josh just keeps looking for excuses to give me cash. “Hey here’s $10 for driving Kellie & I to the creek and picking us up with the canoe later” lol thanks Josh, love u.
   Anyways, keep your fingers crossed and pray for me that I can make it through this last grueling week alive. It’s going to drag by ever so slowly I just don’t know if I’ll keep my sanity.

Adios Friends!

P.S. Please notice my new buttons on my blog (i.e. Spotify & subscribe). I’m pretty proud of myself of getting them there. One of these days I’ll find all the tricks of the trade πŸ˜‰